Monday, 13 April 2009

Torture Garden!!

Yes, it was a blast! Joy! I appeared in the Lady Lucie and Rachel Freire fashion show wearing one of Rachel's gorgeous outfits... (amazing leather trousers that i really, reaaally wanted to keep!)
The show was religion themed and we were all given wonderful crown of thorns hair-dos by the amazing Robert Masciave! Here's a video he filmed of the show...

I'm on the far left, wearing the trousers, so to speak!! I've also got pretty little card suit spade pasties on, and a ruffled bolero jacket... Can you spot me? Try clicking the HQ button is the quality's crap!
It was a great night, and Rachel has since asked me to do a photo shoot for her which I'll be doing very soon - exciting!

Here are a couple of still shots from the night too which just appeared on the TG website:

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